How will this be like, if we don't have to make decisions?

Nay, we all know that decisions have to be made in such situations. But another question remains: which should we trust? The brain, or the heart?

Often times, we got lost in life's hectic schedule. Lost not just in consciousness, but bearings as well. What are the standards? Are there standards?

Do you trust the brain, when it always gives the negative vibe, the all-logical reasoning that analyses all worst-case scenarios that prevents you from moving? Or the heart, which does not control the eyes, and hence moves blind?

How funny - I feel for you, but I don't think I feel for you.

Stuck In The Middle

Whoever says that "it's hard to please everyone" is not making sense. It's utterly impossible to please everyone. And it clearly doesn't help if you're caught in a dilemma, between two parties protecting their own interests. Choosing either side can only cause your downfall, and sitting on the fence is not an option.

It's a life experience, I know. I just wished the emotional and personal stakes weren't as high as it turned out to be.

I have childhood flashbacks, and they are now all fond memories because nothing's at stake back then.

The Ultimate Blow

I envy people who die in their sleep without warning. They don't see it coming, unlike some who have to meticulously plan their own end like stage 4 cancer patients.

The Sorting Head

I have come to realize that when life wants to teach you a lesson, they make sure you learn it the hardest way possible.

Not so long ago, the sky was clear. Then came the fateful meteor that shattered the land. Fires were burning. Things were not good, and nobody was happy.

It's not worth the damage. I need to sort this out. Wish me luck.

Futuristic Nostalgia

I was just talking to old friends about stuff. Future career paths, the good old days of footballing, having kids etc. There's one part of the conversation that particularly sparked my brain cells:

K: we need to organize hostel cup one day. get all the vietnamese and cambodian to come and play too.
J: we gonna get whacked by them.
R: Yeah totally. HAHAHA. Malaysia v Vietnam + Cambodia.
I wonder if there's a time when everyone's having holidays.
K: i bet now, it will be in 10 yrs time when everyone is working and finally decides to take leave to play
haah veterans cup
J: it's a realistic situation
R: Legends Cup
J: and we'll fly in from different countries to a meet up point!
R: I think by that time C got kids who go to school already.
K: then we organize the juniors cup at the same time for our kids to play
ill make sure my kids bully all your kids hahahhaa
J: you making your kids fat is it?
how bully other ppl 
K: teach them how to tackle people
J: i'll teach mine how to fall down properly
R: S will probably teach his kids how to save shots.

I really look forward to the time when we can look at our kids playing football together, while we just look on at the table near the pitch, talking over ice cold beer.


Never have I ever felt so helpless before. Especially now, when it's about people who matter most.